Monday, April 11, 2011

Stone on Display

I spent last week in Las Vegas with my husband for our tenth?!? wedding anniversary.
We stayed at the Aria Hotel which is located in the new(ish) City Center on the strip. 
The stone in this hotel was amazing to say the least.  From the countertops and floors to the garbage cans everything was done in beautiful stone.

What caught my eye though was at the Crystals Mall (also located in the City Center).  I noticed so many of the stores were using stone to display their items.  I thought it was interesting and snapped a few photos with my phone. 

This first one is Rain Forest Green marble.  They had built these tables/ columns out of the stone and had quite a few in their window and throughout the store displaying purses and watches.  It looked great. 

I took this picture of the window display at Porsche Design.  The stone is Black Slate.

These next two photos are actually at the Bellagio's Gift Shop.  Their window display shelves were made out of White Onyx.

I'm mad that I didn't get an interior picture of the Fendi store.  They had this beautiful Desert Gold vein cut limestone on their exterior, but inside the store they had used vein cut Silver Travertine for all of their shelving.  It was gorgeous.  I just didn't dare take a picture, I was intimidated by the security guards that were standing at the entrance of every store in the mall!

Anyway, for a stone geek like me, walking around this high end mall where I couldn't afford anything was still fun due to all the beautiful stone on display!

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Jared said...

I love that you see stone everywhere.
I notice rugs wherever I go and in tv shows and movies because I own a rug store! :)
It's interesting what we notice.

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