Monday, December 9, 2013

Calacatta Gold marble & Raven CaesarStone Kitchen from MGS by Design

Last year we did the countertops in this beautiful remodel done by Tiek Built Homes.
I'm excited to finally show you the pictures!
Photo by Meikel Reece via Tiek Built Homes
Isn't it gorgeous?!?
Here's a Before picture to show you how dramatic the transformation was....
Photo: Tiek Built Homes
They used polished Calacatta Gold marble on the countertops and for the full height backsplash.  When you have such a stunning marble I really do think you should just carry it on up to the backsplash.  It really shows off the marble, it's a great look.  Plus, it's easy to grout!
Photo by Meikel Reece via Tiek Built Homes
The edge detail is a laminated Ogee Square.  I love this edge on marble.
Photo by Meikel Reece via Tiek Built Homes
Photo by Meikel Reece via Tiek Built Homes
For the peninsula the homeowner wanted to use a material that was more durable than the marble, plus they were looking for a contrast.  They decided on CaesarStone quartz in the color Raven.  I love how it turned out!  The Raven is a dark grey, it works really well with the Calacatta Gold.
Photo by Meikel Reece via Tiek Built Homes
The Interior Designer on this job was Caitlin Creer
Check out Tiek Built Homes blog for more pictures of this home.  Caitlin & Tiek Built Homes really did such a great job, everything turned out beautifully.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bianco Romano Wet Bar & Vanities from MGS by Design

A few weeks ago I featured a home we that we did Bianco Romano in the kitchen and Blue Flower granite in the Master Bath and Laundry
And then I forgot to show you the rest of the house! 
Today I have the Wet Bar and a couple more vanities out of Bianco Romano granite
The edge detail is a 2 1/2" Half Moon.
MGS by Design
MGS by Design
MGS by Design
MGS by Design
MGS by Design

Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 Fun Kid's Baths

I personally am not a huge fan of the over-the-top themed Kid's Baths.  You know, the bathroom that once the child is 16 he looks ridiculous showering in a rubber ducky tiled shower. 
I guess if you have all the money and patience in the world to redo your bathroom every five years to keep up with the growing child that's fine. 
Most people don't have that kind of money, time or patience though. I suggest designing the bathroom so that it can grow with the child.  If you really want to get your rubber duckies in there maybe keep it with the shower curtain instead of the tile.  :)
Below are 5 baths that I think would work great as Kid's Baths....or as Guest Baths once the kids are grown.
Kids Bath eclectic bathroom

These flowers are vinyl and just stick on.  They are from Pottery Barn Kids.  I wonder how well they stick in a steamy shower though...
Photo: House of Turquoise

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Whiteout Wednesday: 5 White Bathrooms with Marble

White kitchens and baths are definitely the hottest trend I am seeing right now. It's also the subject I get asked about the most. From white Carrara marble to white quartz there is a lot to consider when using white countertops.
Whiteout Wednesday is a weekly feature where I show five kitchens and/ or baths that have used white in a beautiful way.
If you have a white kitchen or bath that you would like to see featured here please email me.
Photo: Home Bunch
Photo: decor pad

Photo: P2 Design
Photo: Mix and Chic

Monday, November 4, 2013

Blue Flower Granite Master Bath & Laundry from MGS by Design

Last week I posted the Bianco Romano granite kitchen in this home that we did the countertops in. Today I have the beautiful Master vanity and Laundry room. The homeowner chose a gorgeous slab of 2 cm Blue Flower granite for these areas.

Here's the Master Vanity.
Photo: MGS by Design
The edge detail is a 2 1/2" Half Moon.
Photo: MGS by Design
Photo: MGS by Design

And the Laundry Room....
Photo: MGS by Design

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Slab Sunday: Black Slate

You have probably seen Black Slate on a roof or on a floor, but have you seen it used as countertops?
Black Slate comes from quite a few places around the world.  From New England in the U.S. to Spain and Brazil to England and of course Italy.

Slate isn't the most popular countertop material and it's surprising to me.  It's actually a really durable and hard countertop surface. 
The absorption rate on slate is even lower than it is on granite!  Black Slate does need to be sealed, but I personally have never seen it stain.
Contemporary Kitchen by Shelter Island Architects & Designers SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Traditional Kitchen by Libertyville General Contractors Century Bay Builders

Slate is a whole different ballgame for countertops than granite.  It scratches pretty easily. 
The first time I ever saw slate countertops was years ago in a home that I was in bidding some countertops.  The slate was in the kitchen and I set my metal tape measure on the countertop.  I kind of slid it when I picked it up and I look down and there is this white scratch.  I totally freaked out thinking I had ruined these countertops!  The lady was really nice and showed me how by getting it wet the scratch went away.  Whew!  ;) 
Deep scratches can also be buffed out by the homeowner using steel wool.
Slate is not a smooth and shiny surface in the first place but you just need to know beforehand how soft it is.  
Photo: Virginia Slate
Black Slate is generally honed though it can be polished.  It can also be oiled like a Soapstone for a glossier look.

Most people just keep a square edge detail on slate.  We have done Mitered and Chiseled edges on slate countertops in the past, it just looks different (obviously) then the same edge on granite.
Photo: Cultivate
Black Slate is available in 2 cm and 3 cm slabs.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Link Up!

Carla Aston Designed posted an article recently asking Have Granite Countertops Gone Out of Style?  I obviously don't think so.  Go here to see what she thinks!

The kitchen below has granite countertops and it's definitely on trend.   Not out of style at all.  :)

White kitchens are still crazy popular.  The article 5 Myths About White Kitchens on Cultivate may help put you at ease if you are on the fence about an all white kitchen.
Photo: Cultivate

I didn't realize glass tile dates back to the Romans.  The History of Glass Tile was really interesting to me.  Definitely read it if you have a minute, it's a quick and interesting read.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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