Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oak Bamboo Quartzite Slab Floor from MGS by Design

This is the last installment of the Parade Home that we did this summer in the Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes.
I saved my favorite part of the home for last!
The Oak Bamboo quartzite slab floor was definitely my favorite part of the home....but it was also the hardest to get a picture of.   So I apologize in advance that the pictures aren't better.
The homeowners and Interior Designer found this gorgeous and unique slab of Oak Bamboo quartzite at one of our local slab yards, Italia Granite.  The problem was they didn't know what to do with it!
The designer came up with using a large piece of it on the floor in the front entrance of the home.
What a great idea.  It's a stunning feature to walk in and see this beautiful floor.
Installation of slab floors has to be well coordinated.  We laid the slab first and the the wood floor installers came in and installed the wood around the slab.  It ensured a perfect fit.
 You may remember that we used the rest of the slab in the Master Closet.  You can see it here.

Slab floors are not easy or inexpensive to install.  A lot of clients are so surprised to learn this.  It seems like you just set the slab down and you are done, easy peasy.
It's not so easy.  Be sure to hire an experienced & knowledgeable fabricator to set a slab floor.  You don't want that expensive slab cracking and breaking!
You'll usually spend more on the installation costs plus slabs are more expensive than tile, so you've got a lot more to pay in materials as well.
Overall slab floors are a very expensive option, but if you find a gorgeous slab that you just can't live without---putting it on the floor is a great way to show it off!

If you have missed some of the posts about this home, be sure to catch up!

A big thanks to the homeowners and the Interior Designer, Clayton Thompson, for letting us be a part of this amazing home...and then letting us take pictures of it!  We love fun jobs like this!

Countertops: MGS by Design
Interior Design: Clayton Thompson (He doesn't have a website, email me if you'd like his contact info). 
Home Builder: Peterson Builders


Linda said...

Wow, what an entrance! The slab floor is beautiful. I also really love that furniture piece.

Jeanine said...

I love seeing a more traditional style home being featured on your blog.
Every post of this home has been absolutely stunning. I wish I lived in Utah, I'd hire that designer in a second! (I'm in GA)
My personal favorite part of the home was the master bath. That furniture piece turned vanity was to DIE FOR!
You do beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

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