Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful Small Bathrooms

While many of us dream of having a huge bathroom like this....  (myself included)

Most of us are more likely to have bathrooms on the smallish side. 
Just because a bathroom is small doesn't mean that it can't be just as beautifully designed as a large bathroom.
Here are some gorgeous small(ish) bathrooms...

This first bath has one of my favorites, Silver Travertine, on the shower walls, bench and the countertop.   

The marble on the countertops, floor and in the shower is Emperador Light.  By using the same stone everywhere it creates a more consistent look in the bath and helps it appear larger.

I believe the stone on the countertop and in the shower is Negro Marquina limestone.  Notice how they use the same stone on all the chair rail trim pieces.
Paiko Lagoon Oasis tropical bathroom

Pedestal sinks are a great way to save space in a small bath.  As a designer I would recommend a pedestal sink to a homeowner.  As a stone person on this blog I am only showing bathrooms that have stone countertops!  :)

The granite on this countertop is Giallo Ornamental with a 3 cm Ogee edge detail.

I'm not sure exactly what this travertine is, but it's a vein cut travertine similar to (or it could be) Durango.
V & Company, Fine Builders modern bathroom
modern bathroom design by V & Company


Julie said...

I really like that last one, the sink is really neat.

Anonymous said...

These are all gorgeous. I like seeing the small baths. You are right, many more of us have small baths rather than large.

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