Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slab Sunday: Negro Marquina limestone

I talked about Negro Marquina briefly on Friday and have had quite a few emails since with questions regarding this stone. 
So I thought it would make a good subject for Slab Sunday this week.
Negro Marquina is a stunning limestone that is quarried in Marquina, Spain.  You will see it sold as a "marble" sometimes here in the US, but technically it's a limestone.
Here's a picture of the quarry...

Here's my favorite picture of the day.  Check out this amazing bathroom with the Negro Marquina on the walls.  I like how they did the countertops white, so it doesn't distract form the gorgeous walls.  Along with the light floor, it really helps the room not become too dark.

If you haven't seen Negro Marquina in slab form, you have probably seen it in tile.  It is used a lot in listelles, mosaics, etc.  You will see it paired with Statuary, Carrara and other white marbles frequently. 
Sometimes these mosaics use a black granite instead of the Negro Marquina, but I really prefer the limestone.  I think it's a softer look and when you get a white vein in a mosaic that also has a white marble in it, I think it's gorgeous.

I've had my eye on the Coco mosaic in the Beau Monde collection by New Ravenna from Ann Sacks for awhile now.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's Negro Marquina with Calacatta marble.

Other names for Negro Marquina are: Black Marquina, Black Marquinia, Marquina, Marquinia, Marquinia Marble, Negro Bilbao, Negro Markina, Negro Marqina, Negro Marquino, Nero Bilbao, Nero Maraquina, Nero Marqina, Nero Marquina, Nero Marquina Venato, Nero Marquine, Nero Marquinia, Noir Marquina, Prete Marquinia, Preto Marquina, Spanisch Schwarz and Spanish Black.

Negro Marquina is available in 2 cm and 3 cm slabs as well as tile of all shapes and sizes.


Anonymous said...

I haven't ever seen this limestone as slab, but I unknowingly have seen it as tile. I always assumed it was marble. It's beautiful!

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

I think a lot of people assume it's marble...I did too the first time I saw it.
Thanks for reading!

Jen said...

What beautiful spaces you have on here today!
That bathroom with the slab walls is to DIE FOR!
Those tile mosaics are amazing as well.
I love Slab Sunday. :)

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