Friday, November 12, 2010

FAQ Friday: What's up with the "$25.00 per square foot" granite countertops?

We get questions about this ALL the time.  Here in Utah there are two or three companies out there advertising $25.00 per square foot granite. 
I try to keep things positive here on our blog, so I'm not going to dog on these other companies.  What I do want to explain is that it's a bait and switch.  I bid against these companies all the time and they usually end up with a bid pretty darn close to mine....sometimes a little less and sometimes little more.  Nonetheless, they NEVER end up at "half price".

No Bait and Switch here though!
At MGS by Design we start at $50.00 per square foot. 
This includes....
  •  "Group 1" 3 cm granite.
  • Choice of five standard edges.
  • Undermount or Top Mount sink opening.
  • Cooktop cut out if necessary.
  • Template and Installation.
  • We do not charge a "gas surcharge".
  • Holes drilled for faucets, grommets, soap pumps, etc.


Melissa said...

Interesting! And this leads right into a question I had. I was reading a blog about a family that put in granit, but they did it over wood. And it looked thin? That's not how my granite was installed at all?

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Hey Melissa-
It's not real granite. It's more similar to a quartz. They use granite chips.
It's usually more expensive than a group 1 granite and I think it sucks! They do just go over your existing countertops. I think it's about 1/2" thick. I don't have a problem with it as long as homeowners know what they are getting. These companies lie A LOT though and generally have told the customer a load of crap. It's disappointing.

BJ Chandler said...

YOU ARE TOO NICE!!!! Just let me tell you this. G to the Better Business Bureau in your area or call the State Offices to check on a license, past history and/or any complaints. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED AT SOME OF THE HORRIFIC STORIES!
Let me tell you an example from just the other day. A home owner hired a sub contractor and did not check the to verify if the company had insurance or a license. The sub contractor was ultimately lower priced than other bidders. Well, while doing the work one of the employees used the hose in the back yard at this house to wash his tools off. Sad thing is he forgot to turn the water off and left it in the window well of the basement. The fully finished basement flooded, it was a total loss. Do you think that company will stand behind that incident? WIll the insurance cover it, oh wait they don't have insurance. So people just remember that low prices are just blatant marketing ploys from companies who have not earned the right to charge relevant industry value for their work. I do not say much on here but refer back to one of my earliest post. The top 25 athletes in any sport get paid more because they are better. Same goes for business or whatever. PRICE IS PERFORMANCE DRIVEN! $25 a foot and Performance can not co exist!

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