Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Feature! Soapbox Saturday.

I know snarky blogs have their place.  I'm not going to say I don't read them, I do.  They are funny & usually have a good point.  They have their place in this crazy blogging world. 
It's just that's not what I wanted for this blog. 
I wanted this blog to be a source of information and inspiration. 

the other day BJ and I were having a little bit of a rantfest about the differences between stone shops like ours and guys who fabricate in the homeowner's driveway.  B.J. asked me if I had read Paramount Granite's blog post titled "Is Granite Just Granite" from June 3rd.  I hadn't yet, so he told me about it and we continued on our rant.  I told B.J. that I would like to talk about things like this and rant about other things here on the blog, but I explained that I didn't want to turn this blog into a snarky and/or mean blog. 
This is when B.J. came up with a brilliant idea. 
An idea he decided to call "Soapbox Saturday".

So, what is Soapbox Saturday you ask? 
It is our day to rant.  Plain and simple.
We may not post Soapbox Saturday every Saturday....or we may have so much to complain about that we can hardly wait to post about it until Saturday. 
We guarantee one thing though.  It will happen on Saturday and only Saturday.  I promise on Sunday things will return to normal, we just need one day to rant.  So if you are looking for my original intention of "information and inspiration" please don't read on Saturdays.

A little defense for us though, I think that Soapbox Saturday will actually give you some information most of the time.  If you think 'granite is just granite' you may have something to learn.....even if it is written a little snarkily.  :)
So stay tuned.  Soapbox Saturday will premier next Saturday.
We hope you join us and understand our need for an occasional, scheduled, rant.

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