Friday, June 11, 2010

FAQ Friday: What should I clean my granite with?

I talked about what I use to clean my granite back in March.  You can read that post here.  I keep getting the question of what to use though, so I thought it may be fun to ask people I know who have granite in their homes what they use.  We in the stone business can tell you what to use to clean your countertops, but as we all know.... actions definitely speak louder than words.

*I use Method Daily Granite Cleaner on my granite and limestone in my house. I love how it makes my honed granite feel smooth and I love the smell.  Plus it cleans great!

*B.J., the Sales and Marketing Manager here at MGS by Design, uses The Rock Doctor granite cleaner.  When I asked him why he said that he loves how it smells.

*Cory, the owner of Italia Granite, uses either soap and water or The Rock Doctor.  B.J. takes credit for introducing Cory to The Rock Doctor.

*Nate, our shop manager, uses soap and water.

*Spencer, from Contempo Tile, uses Nanoseal Everyday Cleaner.  You use this cleaner if your countertops have been sealed with Nanoseal.  Before his countertops were sealed with Nanoseal he used Method Daily Granite Cleaner.

*Skip, one of our Sales Reps, has Galaxy Black granite in his kitchen.  Polished black granites show finger prints and streaks really easily.  So he uses Windex to clean his granite.

*Andrew, the owner of CambioLabs, generally uses hot water.  He said they use soap and water about twice a week.

What do you use to clean your stone?  Tell me, I really want to know!


Anonymous said...

I use Method too! I figured it was good since it's made just for granite, but I feel justified now that I read you and Spencer use it too!

Lisa said...

I use Method as well and love it. I like that it is a natural option.

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