Thursday, October 25, 2012

Full Slab Showers = Most Amazing Thing Ever

If you have....
  • A good amount of money to spend on your bath.
  • The desire for a unique and beautiful focal point in your bathroom.
  • No reason to clean grout lines.
Then.... you should totally consider using a full slab in your shower!
Juan Montoya Design via Interiors.  Shower is two bookmatched slabs of Azul Macauba quartzite.  Stuh-nning!
 Yes, this is an expensive option.
Why?  Well, slabs (especially the stunning, focal point kind) are pretty expensive alone.  Add a good amount of labor costs to the equation and it's definitely not the cheapest option for a shower.
A lot of people ask me why the installation costs are so high and why they need to hire a knowledgeable and experienced installer.  I tell them if they don't want a 700 lb slab of stone falling on them while they are shaving their legs then they should pay to hire the best!  :)

Cost aside, I think most of you will's sure a ridiculously beautiful option!
Calacatta marble slabs in this shower designed by Kravitz Design via decor pad.
 If the shower is large enough that it requires more than one slab per wall make sure to select slabs that are bookmatched.  Both showers in the two photos above have bookmatched slabs.  As you can see, it makes for an even more interesting and beautiful work of art.

Most showers will require just one slab per wall.  You can use slabs on all of the shower walls, or you can "frame" the slab with tile like in the photo below.
The shower would be too busy looking if the Onyx slab was everywhere.  By keeping it on one wall it allows the beauty of the Onyx to shine. 
Also notice how well they designed the lighting in this shower.

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