Friday, October 26, 2012

FAQ Friday: What's the mesh backing on the back of my slab?

The mesh backing is added at the quarry (or wherever the stone is processed) to add support during shipping and also fabricating the slab.
We are seeing more and more stones have mesh backing lately because of the improved quarrying processes, equipment and technology.  There are a lot of stones that used to be too fragile to quarry, ship and fabricate.  With the improved processes we now have a much larger selection of natural stone to chose from!
Seafoam Green granite kitchen from Bouma Kellerman Design.

All stones are not created equally, some stones are much more difficult to work with than others.  This is just one more reason to keep in mind how important it is to hire a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced fabricator.   At MGS by Design, we often add steel rods to the countertops that we feel may need some added strength, especially at the sink and cooktop cutouts.   Crappy fabricators do not take this extra step and cost.

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