Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Link Up!

House Logic recently posted this article, 8 Ugly Houses We Love.  Are they truly ugly or just unique?  You decide.
Photo: House Logic
Amanda from the cute blog Burlap & Denim posted pictures this week of an Anthropologie Styled Gourmet Kitchen she designed a few years ago.  It's a great kitchen, be sure to go to her blog for more pics!
Photo: Burlap & Denim
9 Ideas From an Ecofriendly Kitchen Makeover on Houzz has some great tips on how to make your home more ecofriendly!

Do you want to win a free Blanco sink?   I do, so I entered to win one from Blanco America. You can too!  Just go here to enter and when you win hire us for the new countertops to go with it!  ;)

1 comment:

Amanda @ Burlap & Denim said...

Thanks for the link Aimee! Can't wait for my latest granite order to be ready!

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