Friday, August 3, 2012

FAQ Friday: Do "White" Granites Go with Cream Cabinets?

This question comes from Rocky...
"I've been reading through your website, browsing your incredible granite photos, and I have a question.  Have you seen any cream cabinets installed with "white" granites?  I was wondering if they clash with things like bianco antico, delicatus white, bianco romano.  I like all of those but am thinking of going in another direction like minsk green or sucuri."

Thanks for the question Rocky.
Yes, we see "white" granite colors installed on cream cabinets all the time.  It looks great!  Especially because most white granites aren't all that white.  They tend to lean more on the cream/ warm side anyway.
Just make sure you have a cabinet door or paint sample when you are selecting your slabs, this way you can ensure the tones are correct.
Here are some examples of cream cabinets with a few different white granites...

White Persia granite

Photo: Cogswell Stone.

Thanks again for the question Rocky!

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Gloria Graham Sollecito, AKBD said...

I have always found that when you mix white and cream it really makes the white "pop". Beautiful examples, as always ;)

Unknown said...

Agreed - great examples of how the whites / creams work together... now carrera marble on cream cabinets is a whole different story. :)

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

That's true, looking at these examples the white does pop.

I agree...Carrara on cream cabinets = bad news. :)

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