Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Have You Seen This? SK8 Tile

For the skate boarder in your life...
Photo: Art of Board
Art of Board tiles are hand cut from 100% recycled skate decks and sold by the square foot. Every scratch, scrape and gouge is kept in tact – making them truly original. Each tile has its own story. They’re alive with texture, shape and color. Together, they bring that story to life in every space they inhabit – creating a vibrant visual experience in the home, retail or commercial environment.
Photo: Art of Board
I wouldn't necessarily use these tiles in my home, but I love the idea of using them in a skate shop or certain retail spaces.
I really do like the creativity of turning something that was broken and destined for the dump into a useful design element.
What do you think?
Photo: Art of Board

1 comment:

Amanda @ Burlap and Denim said...

Love for a retail space or funky basement kitchenette.

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