Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whiteout Wednesday: Celebrity Kitchen Week Edition

White kitchens and baths are definitely the hottest trend I am seeing right now. It's also the subject I get asked about the most. From white Carrara marble to white quartz there is a lot to consider when using white countertops.
Whiteout Wednesday is a weekly feature where I show five kitchens and/ or baths that have used white in a beautiful way.
If you have a white kitchen or bath that you would like to see featured here please email me.

It's always fun to see how celebrities live....and to see if they have good taste.  :)
Every day this week I'll be featuring Celebrity Kitchens that I love.  
Celebrities love their white kitchens too!
Check out these five white kitchens all owned by the rich and famous...

Photo: Hooked on Houses
Photo: Elle
Photo: signed by tina
Photo: Architectural Digest

Photo: Central Interior Design
Photo: Shelter Pop


DTTD said...

I normally prefer kitchens with more colour, but all of these white kitchens are quite beautiful.

What I love most about each one:

Gwenyth Paltrow's super-thick island countertop

Tory Burch's green floor and painted cabinet interiors

Rob Lowe's wood floor, coffered ceiling, and pendant lights

Hilary Duff's hardwood floor

Kim Kardashian's windows & fireplace (and that's about all I like about Kim Kardashian!)


Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Thanks Kelly. I have to say I agree with you on every account (including not loving Ms Kardashian)! :)

Melissa Lund said...

I generally don't love "celebrity" stuff, but this has been fun to see their kitchens.
I am loving Gwyneths, that thick piece of marble is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Steph. I'm kind of still drooling over the massive apron on Gwyneth's island!

Unknown said...

Yeah it was nice post because granite worktops established itself as one of the top choices among all interior designers and other kitchen showrooms.

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