Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 Bathrooms with Soapstone

On Tuesday I posted 10 Soapstone Kitchens, Sinks and a Fireplace.  I got a few emails asking if  Soapstone was a good countertop surface for a bathroom. 
Yes, it's a great surface for baths as well!  It holds up really well and is a nice, warm stone.
I really like all of the different sinks they can make out of Soapstone too.

Here are 10 baths with Soapstone...
Photo: Attic Mag
Photo: Teresina Soapstone
Photo: Dorado Soapstone
Photo: Teresina Soapstone
Photo: Chicago Soapstone
Photo: Urban Farmhouse
 The Soapstone in the photo below has a Leathered Finish.  I haven't ever seen this finish on Soapstone in person, but I think it looks really pretty.
Photo: Teresina Soapstone
Photo: Charles Luck
Photo: Shadley's Soapstone
Photo: Dorado Soapstone

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Jenn said...

Great post! We just completed our master bathroom renovation with granite and cannot wait to tackle the kitchen with soapstone!

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