Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10 Soapstone Kitchens, Sinks and a Fireplace

Soapstone is one my my personal favorite counter surfaces.
It's gaining popularity here in Utah, which I'm excited about.  A couple of our local suppliers are stocking some really beautiful slabs right now.

Here are 10 pictures of Soapstone to inspire you to use it on your next project.
Photo: Garden State Soapstone
The picture above in on a blog post by Garden State Soapstone called 'Myths & Truths About Soapstone', it's a good read if you are considering Soapstone countertops.
Photo: Dorado Soapstone
Photo: Dorado Soapstone
Photo: House Beautiful
Photo: Dorado Soapstone
Photo: Vignette Design
Photo: Dorado Soapstone
Photo: This Old House
Photo: The Kitchn
Photo: Dorado Soapstone
Here are some other articles where I've talked about Soapstone...

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