Thursday, June 23, 2011

Miters of all sizes

BJ was out in the shop yesterday and took some pictures of all the different thicknesses of Mitered Aprons that we have going on right now. 
The Miter has always been our most popular edge and I think it probably always will be.  It's a clean, simple edge that will never go out of style.  Plus, with a variable thickness we can make it look as thick or as thin as you'd like! 

First is Blizzard CaesarStone with a 15" Mitered Apron.  This is going on the reception desk at a salon in Hollywood, CA.

This is a desk out of Golden Thunder granite.  The Miter is 1 5/8" which is the most common thickness for Miters on 2 cm material.

Another reception desk, this one is Carrara marble and is for an office here in Utah county.  The Mitered Aprons are 10".

Next is Absolute Black granite with a Honed finish.  This Miter is 2 1/4".

Last, is a Fireplace Hearth.  The marble is Crema Marfil and the Miter is 4".

Do you like the Mitered edge?  It's my personal favorite.

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