Friday, June 24, 2011

FAQ Friday: What thickness should my full height backsplash be?

This question came from a reader, Karen.
She asked if the full height backsplash (out of slab) should be the same thickness as her countertops or if it should be thinner.

The answer is my typical depends. 
I know that's not what you all want to hear though, so let me explain.

The full height splash doesn't necessarily have to be the same thickness as the countertops.  Usually we want it to be from the same bundle so that it matches correctly, which means that usually it's the same thickness.

I personally like full height backsplashes to be 2 cm (3/4") because then it doesn't take up as much counter space.  I think 3 cm (1 1/4") can get a little bulky.  I'd rather have it match perfectly and be thicker though, so I guess there is always an exception.
We can gauge stone to be thinner and yes, we do charge to do this.  We do this every once in awhile with bathroom backsplashes if there isn't enough room for the faucet.  In fact, that's what I did in my own house.  If the slabs are 2 cm though I probably wouldn't make it thinner, it will make the stone weaker and harder to install more or less so depending on the type of stone.

Bottom line: Talk to your fabricator before selecting your exact slabs if you are planning on doing a full height backsplash.  They will be able to help you determine if the thickness will be an issue one way or another.

For more pictures of full height backsplashes see my post here.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful project! Love the stone backsplash.

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