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5 Creative Ways to Use Granite in the Kitchen

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When it comes to practical and durable materials, granite usually tops the list. Versatile and easy to maintain, granite’s resiliency makes it a popular material of choice in kitchens. While no one doubts the enduring nature of granite, many tend to bypass it in favor of more aesthetically pleasing materials like marble. And no one can blame them since who doesn’t want their kitchen islands or floors to complement their lighting fixtures to achieve a more harmonized design approach? However, aesthetics and practicality are not mutually exclusive to each other and granite can be used creatively in the kitchen to make a strong visual impact. Listed below are some of the more creative ways to incorporate granite in your kitchen.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite Black Modern Kitchen Countertop (via)
Kitchen countertops and granite are synonymous with each other and for good reason. It is no secret that granite is heat-resistant and stain-resistant to food and grease. Thankfully, these days aesthetics don’t have to be sacrificed in the name of functionality. It doesn’t matter what your design affinity is since there is no dearth of granite based kitchen countertops. Those who prefer contemporary décor can opt for a chic black granite countertop whereas traditional design aficionados can opt for a more conventional option.

Granite Door Knobs For Kitchen Cabinets
Natural Stone Knobs (via)

Inject a dash of ingenuity in your kitchen without breaking the bank. Opt for granite doorknobs that match your kitchen slab, your flooring or even your kitchen island lights! Mainely Knobs is a good place to start since it has an impressive collection of natural stone knobs.

Granite Kitchen Sinks
Rangemaster Cubix Kitchen Sink (via)
If you really want to make your kitchen standout, then invest in a good quality sink that is also reflective of the overall décor. Modern mavens can opt for something like the Rangemaster Cubix Sink (above), which is minimalistic, yet maintains a solid practical appeal. Or perhaps the Salus Outdoor Kitchen Sink by Stone Forest (below), which has a more rustic appeal. Both sinks highlight the versatility of granite and how it can be used to design creative and beautiful kitchen sinks that don’t necessarily follow the conventional design norms.
Salus Kitchen Sink (via)
Granite Flooring
Absolute Black Granite (via)
Most modern day kitchens have granite floors as they can withstand practically everything; be it heat, spills, stains and even shoe scuffs. But another reason they are popular are because granite comes in a plethora of styles and patterns and one can also opt for granite tiles instead of larger slabs or even mix and match both of them to achieve an individualistic look.

Granite Kitchen Backsplash
Kitchen Backsplash for Small Kitchen Design (via)
Kitchen backsplashes not only add value to your homes but also bring in a decorative element and granite wins, hands down, with its rich texture. A good way to begin is to match the granite tiles with your appliances, light fixtures and cabinets and opt for something that is charming yet coherent with your overall décor.

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