Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness Contest!

If you like dancing and getting paid for it then we have a deal for you.

The Skinny:
Sign up for the ESPN Bracket Challenge, fill out your bracket before the first game on Thursday (3/17) and the overall winning bracket in our group gets a huge prize!

How it works:
  1. Sign up for a free account or use your existing account.
  2. Make your expert picks
  3. Join our group “Jimmer 4 President ".    (It is public so no password required. You will just need to search for it)
  4. Once you are in the group and your bracket is filled out then sit back and watch the action unfold. (Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.)
If your bracket is the overall winner in our group then you win the prize! (details below)

The Grand Prize:
Since we can’t give cash we can offer a free giveaway of our product and service. The winner will be eligible to receive a free countertop vanity (new or remodel) out of natural stone.
It is not a designated color or a reject piece.
It is a custom fabrication and installation of any stone that we have here at MGS in our remnants/bone yard.
The value is up to $500.00!
 For those who don’t need a vanity and want credit for a kitchen or a BBQ or something different we will apply the $500.00 credit to the item of your choice. For those of you out of installation range then don’t worry. We will offer the same item but you will need to pay the shipping cost if you are out of state or trip charge if you are out of our install area.
Is that as good of a deal for you as it is for locals??  Uh NO...but it is still better than nothing right??
The Catch:
Anyone is eligible. Only one entry per person. However, you MUST become a FAN on the Facebook page of MGS by Design by liking us. 

Click here to do so if you aren't a fan already. 
And then you must use the MLM strategy of getting 2 of your friends or family to like us. You might be saying, what the…this is like MLM? Well yes it is because you need to get 2 people, but no its not because you don’t need to buy anything and I am not auto-shipping stone to your front door. This is simply a flat out drive to get fans to our Facebook page. If you don’t like it, don’t do it and go play for NOTHING! It is just your opportunity to replace that tired old bathroom vanity for free.
At the end of the tournament the winner will get a 2 friend check. If the winner has not brought 2 friends to the MGS by Design Facebook then the next available winner that has met the requirements will be awarded the prize.
Please email us if you have any questions about ultra fine details.

For the most part it is pretty straight forward.
You pick your teams, you like our page, if your are super smart or super lucky then you will get a reward.


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