Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Custom made granite sinks

You've probably seen the sinks made out of stone that are machine made.  These sinks are becoming more and more popular which is bringing them down in price....which is great! 
There are other options though.  Did you know that we can custom make you a sink out of the stone of your choice?
This is a great option if you would like your stone kitchen sink to match your countertops.  Or maybe you'd like your bathroom sink to match the stone on your tub deck.
Here are some examples of custom made granite sinks.
The sink below stopped me in my tracks.  I found it online awhile ago and haven't stopped thinking about it since.  We've made sinks similar in design but I think it's the combination of the incredible design with the amazing Cosmic Black granite that makes it quite the show stopper.

Another benefit of a custom made sink is that you can customize the size.  If you want it extra deep for your large stock pot, no problem!  The options in design and size are almost endless.

Custom sinks aren't cheap.  They require a lot of work and talented fabricators. 
Also, make sure your fabricator has experience making granite sinks.  There are some tricks of the trade that come from experience.  You don't want your sink leaking a few months after it's installed because they built it wrong!

Contact us today if you are interested in a custom made stone sink!

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