Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Making of a Showcase Home: Part 2. Templates & Slab Delivery

Once the materials and edges have been selected and we have the contract signed and have received the deposit the next step is to template. 
The cabinets needs to be installed before we can template, if you are keeping your existing cabinets we will template with your old countertops on.

The Showcase Home is a new home, so we waited until the cabinets were in and then sent our template guy out to the job site. 
There are a few different ways to template, we mainly do stick templates.
Here's what the templates for this job look like all piled up in our shop.

Usually we order the slabs and have them delivered so that they are at our shop about the same time that we template the job.
The Squak Mountain Stone and Trinity Glass for this home were shipped in from Washington state.
Here's a picture of them the day they were delivered, all bundled up....

Here they are after they were unwrapped.  Ignore the granite piece on the a-frame, obviously it didn't come on the same shipment.  
The larger, darker slabs in the back are the Squak Mountain Stone and the shorter, grey slabs in the front are the Trinity Glass.

Now that the templates have been made and the slabs are here we can start cutting!  We'll talk about that soon.

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K&B by the Sea said...

I just read Part 1 - LOVE these countertop products! I'm all about character and patina and texture, so the Squawk Mountain Stone with the divets especially appeals to me. Love the thickness and the simple square edge too. It all adds to the authentic stone look.

So you actually create the template with strips of wood? I've never seen templates done like that. What are the advantages of this method over taking the measurements?

Looking forward to reading Part 3 :-)

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Hi Kelly-
The Squak is really cool, I just try to be really clear about what it is since it's definitely not for everyone.

Yes, we create the templates with strips of wood. We like to use the wood over measurements because as you know, cabinets and walls are never square. This allows us to tweak the counters accordingly and get a much more custom fit. Also, we like wood because when you lay them on the slabs the customer can see exactly what their countertop is going to look like.

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