Friday, November 16, 2012

FAQ Friday: Is Marble More Expensive Than Granite?

You would think so right?
A lot of people assume marble and limestone are quite a bit more expensive than granite.
That's not necessarily true!
Natural stone has quite a few factors that determine the price.  Origin, availability, and a yield of a given quarry are the main factors.
With both granite and marble there is a broad spectrum of pricing. 
The popular Emperador Dark and Carrara marbles are both similar in pricing to a group 2 priced granite like Giallo Veneziano.
Knap traditional bathroom
Beautiful Emperador Dark marble on the tub deck in this traditional bathroom design
If you like the look of marble (and are okay with the maintenance) don't disregard it because you think it will be too expensive.  It may just be right in your budget!

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