Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stunning vessel sinks from Sonobath using CaesarStone.

CaesarStone has been selected by Sonobath as the exclusive stone supplier for its new collection of high-end vessel sinks.

Sonobath is a designer/ manufacturer of high-end home bath products.  They are based in Southern California.

Created by Jae Omar, former Milan runway model, kick boxer, antique furniture store retailer and current celebrity interior designer and furniture manufacturer.
Sonobath’s portfolio of innovative sinks are available through architects, interior designers and designated kitchen and bath retailers. 
The sinks are hand crafted at the Sonobath’s Southern California studio.  These high end vessel works of art are handcrafted in Southern California.  Ranging in price between $2,200 and $2,800, the floating pieces feature specially engineered hidden drain systems and are often mistaken for sculptural pieces, rather than the practical everyday vessels they are.
The Sonobath line includes six distinctive vessel sink models each offered in a limited edition, natural palette of CaesarStone colors.







By now I'm sure you all know of my crazy love for CaesarStone's Motivo Collection.  I've been dying to do a job out of the Crocodile or the Lace
CaesarStone sent me these pictures of Sonobath's Lotus sink that was installed with the Crocodile Motivo.  Isn't it just gorgeous?

The Lotus quartz vessel sink features gently up-turned corners inspired by delicate flower petals.
“I didn’t want any one element of the design to overpower any other. Like the lotus plant, which is born of water but not part of it, the idea is for the entire surface of the sink to have a light, almost ethereal quality, contrasting the power and weight of the stone surface itself,” says Omar.“I’m a bit obsessed with objects or materials doing things they shouldn’t be doing without being compromised or corrupted,” he explains. “A number of manufacturers try to manipulate resin to look like stone, but it’s fake. I’ve thought for years about how to create the subtle, organic curves that you find in nature out of a stone material and finally achieved it with Lotus.”

For more information, photos and videos check out Sonobath's website.

All images and information for this post were provided by CaesarStone and Sonobath.
Sonobath utilizes Caesarstone as the exclusive stone supplier – selected for its quality, durability and range of rich colors that embrace the essence of the designs.

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Melissa said...

Those are so cool, but I can totatlly imagine telling my kids NOT to wash their hands because of the mess they would make!

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