Friday, December 10, 2010

Bianco Antico and Cosmic Black now in stock with great prices!

This week we received a lot of really beautiful slabs from California for our stock.
We are selling the Bianco Antico and Cosmic Black at incredible pricing! 
We have a limited quantity and the pricing is good until the slabs are gone.

Bianco Antico
Slabs are 2 cm.
Current Stock: 6 3/4 slabs.
Bianco Antico is usually sold as a "group 4" granite.
 Right now we are selling it for "group 2" pricing. 
 These are beautiful slabs if you are wanting the white kitchen that is so popular right now but don't want marble.
Also, a lot of people really like Bianco Antico because it has some taupe areas in it which really warm up the slab and coordinate well with darker wood cabinets.

Cosmic Black

Slabs are 2 cm.
Current Stock: 7 slabs.
Cosmic Black is usually sold as a "group 5" granite.
 Right now we are selling it for "group 3" pricing. 
 Cosmic Black is a stunning granite.  These particular slabs are really beautiful with lots of movement, white quartz and some rust veining.  This bundle is a darker black than usual which is really beautiful.
These slabs would look great with a leathered finish.

Stock is current as of 12/10/10.  For updated stock information please contact us.


K&B by the Sea said...

Oooh, both granites are so pretty! I especially like the Bianco Antico - it looks fabulous with the dark island.

{You definitely need a white Christmas tree in your office!}

Library Technician said...

I love reading your blog, very informative!
I have a small problem that no one can help me cosmic countertop (gorgeous) and medium oak cupboards. Choosing a backsplash has become painful? So, wise granite guru, any suggestions so my cosmic black remains the star?!?!? ;)

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Thanks Library Technician!
I bet your Cosmic Black looks beautiful on the medium oak cabinets.
Have you thought about a simple subway tile? In white or even grey or taupe? This would still allow your granite to be center stage.
Good luck!
I'd love to see pictures when it's done.

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