Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Edge Detail-Ogee Square

If you looking for an edge detail that is a little fancier than your typical Miter, but you still want it fairly simple, I would suggest the Ogee Square edge detail. 
It's a beautiful edge that adds a little bit of elegence without being over the top.  We have a similar edge called the Ogee Bullnose, it's round on the bottom.  

Here are some pictures of the Ogee Square...
1 1/2" Ogee Square on Seafoam Green granite.  Photo from MGS by Design.

1 1/2" Ogee Square on Gold and Silver granite.  Photo from MGS by Design.


Tammy said...

Oh that's such a beautiful edge! I just did a square edge 3 cm on my kitchen and honestly I regret it. I'm a fancier girl than that!
I will keep the Ogee in mind for when I do my master bathroom.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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