Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Edge Detail- Miter

My personal favorite edge detail is the Mitered edge.
I have a 2" Mitered edge detail in my kitchen and love the little bit of extra thickness. In my bathrooms and laundry room I have the standard, 1 5/8" Mitered edge. I like how simple & clean looking the edge is.
My favorite part of the Miter though, is the fact that it hides the seam so well! The image below from the iVillage Garden Web website shows exactly how we seam this edge. The drawing shows 1 1/2", but as you can see, it's really easy to make that thicker. We do a lot of 2 1/4" Miters....in fact, we've made the 2 1/4" thickness one of our standard edges as well! You won't pay any extra for this thickness!

he rest of the photos are from our portfolio.
This first kitchen is Giallo Ornamental granite with a 2 1/4" Mitered edge.
Photo: MGS by Design
We followed the design of the cabinet for this island done in Silver Sea granite. The Miter is 1 5/8" thick.
Photo: MGS by Design
Here's a vanity made from Rain Forest Green marble, the edge detail is a 1 5/8" Miter.
Photo: MGS by Design
I think this kitchen turned out so beautifully. The granite is White Diamonds and the Miter is 2 1/4" thick.
Photo: MGS by Design


Albert said...

Hey there,
I have a traditional/colonial kitchen with white cabs and 3/4" black granite going in. The edge will be 2 1/4" and I would like some detail in it, any sugestions, pics? Hope you can help.

Thanks a million,

Anonymous said...

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