Monday, October 25, 2010

Kozmus. Yes, it's a difficult stone.

Some stones are much more difficult to work with than others.  Kozmus granite is definitely one of those stones.  I have been hearing about more and more fabricators here in Utah that just refuse to work with it.  I can't blame them either, you have to have a lot of experience and talent to work with the more difficult stones.
We are currently doing a fireplace out of Kozmus with a leather finish and it's looking AMAZING!
Here are some pictures BJ took with his iPhone out in our shop.
The Miter on these is flawless.  Our fabricators did a great job.
BJ has a couple of analogies about stone and how it's not all the same.
1-He says stone is like children. They look all cute and cuddly but depending on what block they come from may influence their manageability.
2- He says kids are like slabs. Some days they are great and other days if you don’t prepare yourself and adjust to their behavior they will suck the life right out of you.
He's the expert with four kids, I can't really say since I don't have kids.  :)
We are installing this fireplace next week, we'll take pictures of it all installed and put them up here on the blog.

Kozmus is also called:  Cosmic Black, Kozmos and Cosmos.


Susan said...

Ha! I've been meaning to ask if you had any pics of Cosmic Black since we ordered a couple slabs in on our last shipment. The ones we got are stunning (to me) but no where near as 'busy' as the pieces in these pictures here.

Do you have any other examples of this stone installed?

I'll have to hold my tongue and not tell the guys in the shop about it being 'difficult'.
Thanks, Sue

Paul Anater said...

Oh wow I'll say it's difficult. I used it in a kitchen last year and the fabricator barely lived to tell the tale. All I know is that small pieces I got to use as samples shed glitter all over everything until I finally three them away after a couple of months, I'd never seen a granite shed mica flakes as readily as Cosmos does. Gorgeous stone but wow.

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

I don't know if I'd hold my tongue....I think your fabricators need to be prepared. It's VERY difficult to work with. I had one of my less experienced fabricators completely DESTROY two entire slabs. Needless to say I only have my very best guys working on this material anymore. I don't have any other pictures of this stone. I have seen it much less busy before though. I'll see what I can find and post them here.

I'm very glad your fabricator lived! :) I bet the kitchen was beautiful, it's an amazing stone.
I have to say when I see a broken piece of this material with all the beautiful glittery mica it really melts my heart. You are right all my samples leave a trail of mica wherever they go!

BJ Chandler said...

Stephanie and friends, I think I have some more pictures of Cosmic Black polished I can round up. We just finished a great one in Park City. Look back soon!

CiCi said...

Help! I just spec'd Satin (leathered) Cosmos for a client's island and am now reading negatives about this granite. It's the most gorgeous stone I have EVER seen. I'm afraid to ask (warn) my fabricator about it - should I steer my client to a different granite? She and I both have fallen in love with it. Thanks for any info you can provide.

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

The most important thing is to make sure your fabricator is experienced with this stone. It really is quite difficult to work with.
Make sure that you select an edge that the fabricator feel VERY comfortable doing on this material.

It actually does pretty well once it's installed though. You may get a mica flake here and there, but not too bad.

I don't suggest cutting right on this particular stone because you'll see marks from the knife.

Don't be too scared!
Get a large sample from your fabricator and have the homeowner live with it for a week or two.

gil said...

I live in Las Vegas. We looked at many options for our kitchen counter tops. When we saw Kozmus Schist we stopped looking. The counter tops were installed yesterday and they are beautiful. The fabricator/installer we used had many years experience working with Schist. I would recommend Kozmus Schist if you are in the market for countertops. Granite does not even come close to the beauty of Schist

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