Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home #14- Jody Riggs Construction

Here is Home #14 in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. It is a new home built by Jody Riggs Construction. Hamilton Park Interiors did the Interior Design. It's a beautiful Arts and Crafts styled home located in Pleasant Grove.

In the Kitchen we did #2400 Champagne Limestone CaesarStone with a 1 5/8" Mitered Edge Detail.

In the Laundry Room and a couple of bathrooms they selected #9601 Oyster CaesarStone. This is the Powder bath in the photo below.

The next three photos below are the Master Bath. It's the Champagne Limestone CaesarStone. The edge detail is the Half Moon.

The next two photos are the Oyster CaesarStone again.
The shape of this countertop is kind of unique, I like it when people make good use of weird angles like this instead of just having dead space.

The Laundry Room is also the Oyster CaesarStone.

Last is the Downstairs Bath. We don't do stainless sinks too often in bathrooms, so it's fun to see something different. The granite is Juparana Fantastico with a Half Moon edge detail.


Sarah said...

Beautiful home. I love Caesar Stone!

Susan said...

HI Steph,

Great to see pictures of that Limestone Caesarstone. We've had several slabs of it sitting in the fab shop for 3 years and no one around these parts is willing to give it a shot. Having some lovely images to refer them to may help.

I was wondering if you might help with a suggestion for some granite colours. We keep a small inventory of slab in our very old-school fab shop( no CNC here)and it is a very conservative market. We consistantly sell out of St.Cecilia, New Venetian, and Cambrian, but I'm having touble suggesting to the boss what other colours we might try bringing in since we don't want to sit on them for years (like the aforementioned Champagne Limestone.)
I'd appreciate any thoughts
I'm glad I found this blog -Its so great to see the industry from this perpsective presented. I especially enjoyed the marble spot testing posts.

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Thanks for the sweet comments and for reading the blog!

I understand the dilemna with the slabs. To be honest, I'm always surprised that St Cecilia & Venetian Gold are STILL so popular!
One of our biggest sellers right now is the Delicatus, I've mentioned it a few times here on the blog lately. It is more expensive though.
So if you are looking for good, low priced granites my favorites are Tropic Brown, Tan Brown, Bianco Romano, Amarillo Pearl, and Autumn Harmony. My absolute favorite low-priced granite right now is White Diamonds. It's hard for me to find sometimes, but I think it's gorgeous and unique for the price.
Send me your email if you want pictures of any of these slabs.
Where are you located?

Susan said...

Thanks for your input Steph,

I'm in eastern Canada, an hour or so over the Maine border. :)
We usually buy our slab from a distributor out of Montreal. I'll check out those last 3 names you mention as I haven't heard of them. The Tropic and Romano are right in the comfy price point for the folks around here- we usually keep those in.
It's hard because people see all those beautiful tops in magazines and on HGTV and then they come in you have to tell them how expensive it is and their eyes go buggy. I had someone ask me rather indignantly once why we did not have any Callacata-- since Sarah Richardson uses it all the time.
Anyhoo, thanks again for the input.
I'm not really a big commenter(meaning in frequency not verbosity-obviously) but I'll be looking in!

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Lol. I totally understand the buggy eyed thing!
They hear ads for $40 sf granite from other companies and then about DIE when we tell them the price on expensive marbles and granites.
I say "You get what you pay for" waaay too often!
I LOVE the area that you live in. My grandpa is from Maine and so we spent a few weeks in that area a couple of years ago. We spent one day in Canada. It's such a beautiful area up there.

Flitryss said...

I'm going exploring the Utah County Parade tomorrow. I'm super stoked to see your work!

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