Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have you checked out IceStone?

If you are looking outside the granite box, consider IceStone.
IceStone is made from 100% recycled glass and concrete.

Above photo from Environmental Home Store. The white surfaces are IceStone, the black counters are PaperStone.

I met one of IceStone's sales representatives a couple of years ago when he was in Utah from New York. After spending some time with him I can't tell you how impressed I was with IceStone's business practices.
Here are some of the details that they had posted on their website....

Our Process
• We have developed a cool, low-emission manufacturing process
• Our factory is day lit
• We have implemented a grey water recycling system
• We’re looking at ways to recycle the byproduct of our manufacturing process
• We have replaced petroleum-based machine lubricants with soy-based ones • Where possible, we source 100% post-consumer raw materials and supplies in our factory and offices. In some cases, we have chosen new vendors in order to purchase products with the highest possible recycled content

Our Product
IceStone surfaces are made from 100% recycled (post-consumer and post-industrial) glass
IceStone surfaces are non-toxic and do not contain any petroleum-derived materials
• We have tested and can now recommend several low-VOC water based sealants for use with our product
IceStone surfaces are NSF certified
IceStone surfaces are Cradle to Cradle Gold certified

After meeting with that guy I wanted to pack up and move to New York to work for IceStone, it just seemed like such a great company!

Above photo from Trendir.

Currently IceStone offers 29 colors. Click here to see their color palette.
Above photo from A.K.A Green.

IceStone durable surfaces are the first and only Cradle to Cradle™ certified surfaces in the world, also it can contribute to LEED points.
Above photo from Transitions Kitchen & Bath.
The above photo from Baker Marble is Moroccan Red IceStone.
Above photo from chbriggs.

Here in Utah you can check out IceStone samples at our showroom or at The Green Building Center in Sugarhouse.
Awesome tub deck, floor and vanity! I love the curved bump outs in front of the sink. Photo from chbriggs.

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Valorie said...

Hmmm, I hadn't seen Icestone. These photos were really interesting. You have me intrigued by this product. Thanks for sharing and I LOVE this blog!!!

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