Wednesday, May 12, 2010

By the hair of your chinny chin chin

Recently we had a contractor come in literally five minutes before his slabs were to be cut for his kitchen and change the color of his slabs.

After it was all said and done BJ emailed the contractor, his name is Nate. We thought the email exchange was funny and wanted to share.

NO MORE HAIR OF THE CHINNY CHIN CHIN DECISIONS!!!! If a freight train is coming at you then you need to decide early not late that you are going to go right or left. If you decide to late you end up in bits and pieces all over the place. (J/K) But not really.

Nate replied to BJ with this...
And sometimes when the freight train is coming, you just need to call the conductor (you and Dan*) and ask them to find a way and stop the thing. You guys came up big today. Big players make big plays. You guys came up big. We like to see these types of plays from subs we work with.
Thanks man,

*Dan is the owner of MGS by Design.

Above photo from Design Showcase.

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