Thursday, September 26, 2013

8 Amazing Outdoor Kitchens & Tips on Using Granite Outdoors

I don't know about you, but we probably spend more time in our backyard enjoying this beautiful fall weather than we do in the summer.
Now is a great time to finish up that outdoor kitchen that you've been meaning to build for years.  :)
Enjoy it for another month and then it'll be all ready for a full season next year.
Here are eight really beautiful outdoor kitchens to get you motivated & inspired...

Patio by Jacksonville Landscape Architects & Designers Cascade Outdoor Design

Here are my tips for using granite outdoors... 
  • Go with a light color of granite if possible.  The darker colors get HOT, especially if they have the sun hitting them directly.
  • Darker colors are better for areas that have a lot of freeze/thaw though.  This is because the darker colors of granite are more dense. 
  • If possible, have the countertops under a cover of some sort.  Whether it's an awning or canopy or whatever.  The less rain, snow and dirt on the countertops the better.
  • Use 3 cm (or thicker) granite if possible and don't laminate the edge.  The countertops will just hold up better/ longer.  If you want a laminated edge though just be sure that your fabricator uses a glue for the laminations that's specifically made for outdoor applications.  
  • Cover your countertops during the winter months.   
  • Use a reputable fabricator.  You don't want to waste your money paying for sub-par fabrication and/or installation.

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