Friday, August 16, 2013

FAQ Friday: What Are Granite Remnants & When Should I Use Them?

Granite (or marble, limestone, quartz, soapstone, etc) remnants are a great choice for smaller projects.

What are remnants?  They are the pieces left over from other jobs. 
Most granite slabs are between 50-60 square feet.  A typical kitchen uses two slabs.  We have to buy the full slab whether we are using 1/8 of it or 3/4 of it.  More often than not there are usable pieces left over. 
We keep those remnants and sell them for smaller jobs such as vanities, furniture pieces, fireplace surrounds, etc. 
Photo: MGS by Design
 Unless your vanity is rather large or if you have two vanities in one bathroom it is silly to buy a whole slab for a little vanity.  It will save you quite a bit of money to just use one of our remnants.  Sometimes the selection is better than others, but we usually have a lot to choose from.
Photo: MGS by Design
Even this large double vanity above was a remnant from our yard.

Do you live in Utah?  Come check out our remnants at MGS by Design!

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liza said...

Stephanie! I am so glad you are back, I was missing your posts! We are just about to purchase our superwhite quartzite countertops in Jersey (wish you guys were closer!).

Keep the posts comin'!!

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