Thursday, August 22, 2013

CaesarStone's New Colors Inspired by Marble

Earlier this year CaesarStone released five new CaesarStone colors that are inspired by marble.
Recently we have seen a surge in sales of these new colors.  To the extent that our local supplier can't keep them in stock!

Dreamy Marfil
Dreamy Marfil resembles Crema Marfil marble.  It's a cream color with light veining. 

Emperadoro was inspired by Emperador Dark marble.  It's a chocolate brown quartz with light veining.

Frosty Carrina
 Frosty Carrina has been our most requested color by far.  It resembles one of the many oh-so-popular white marbles.

London Grey
 London Grey is a cool white with grey veining.  It was inspired by Carrara marble.

Piatra Grey
 Piatra Grey is a really pretty dark grey color with white veining.  This color is actually my favorite of the five.

I posted a picture of a Dreamy Marfil vanity that we recently installed on Instagram.  Check it out here and follow us to see behind the scenes at our shop & on job sites!
Which is your favorite of the 5 new quartz colors?
Would you use one of these or would you prefer the natural stone?

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