Monday, August 26, 2013

Bathtubs Carved Out of Stone

Maybe it's due to the fact that I am a total geek about stone, but I LOVE bathtubs that are carved out of blocks of stone.
Stone Forest is one of those websites that I could spend hours on, swooning over their products.
Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite bathtubs from their site.

I love the shape of this bathtub. It's called the Rubix Bathtub and is shown in Carrara marble.
Photo: Stone Forest
Next is a Bathtub with a Rolled Rim. Shown in a multi-colored onyx.
Photo: Stone Forest
This Carrara bathtub is called the Papillon. It is my favorite. I sort of want to die over how much I love it.
Photo: Stone Forest
The Absolute Black granite Soaking Tub is pretty amazing. I am more of a lay-in-the-tub sort of gal though, so I don't think I'd spend my hard earned cash on this one....but it sure looks great!
Photo: Stone Forest
This Oval Bathtub in Absolute Black granite is polished on the inside and on the rim, and is chiseled on the outside. I love the look that this creates. I also love the setting of this particular tub on the pebbles, it's a great look.
Photo: Stone Forest
Last is the Old World Bathtub shown in Rasalia marble.
Photo: Stone Forest
All the bathtubs are custom made to order, on their website they show their lead time at about 3 weeks. You choose the stone that you would like to have your bathtub made out of.
I'm going to go ahead and assume these are pretty pricey, so I'll keep dreaming and swooning over their website for now.

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