Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Link Up!

I love Business News Daily's feature 'Do What You Love'.  This week I was excited to read about Nancy Epstein, the founder and CEO of Artistic Tile.  Her story is so inspirational for any woman in business, plus I just feel like we'd be BFFs if we ever met.  ;) 
Artistic Tile ads using tile as clothing & jewelry.
How do you design a great kitchen?  Learn from other people's mistakes!  The 4 Most Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes on Cultivate will help you do just that.
Counter Talk with Martyn Lawrence Bullard on Cultivate was fun to read.  If you watched Million Dollar Decorators you'll know what I mean when I saw I read the entire article with his voice in my head.  :)
Photo: Cultivate via Martin Lawrence Bullard
Arizona Tile has a fun company blog.  Last week they featured our local Salt Lake City showroom!
Photo: Arizona Tile on Flickr

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