Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Design Style Week: 10 Craftsman Style Kitchens

I try to incorporate all different design styles here on the blog, but I have to admit that I know I tend to show more contemporary and modern kitchens since that's where my own tastes lie.
In an effort to be more diverse I thought I'd show different design styles in kitchens this week.
I'll be covering one style per day including Traditional, Country, Craftsman, Vintage and Rustic.
Craftsman style kitchens are probably my second favorite style.  I love the clean lines and simplicity.
American Craftsman style began in the last years of the 19th century as a reaction to the "over-decorated" and fussy homes of the Victorian era.  This simplistic style was defined by such notable designers as Gustav Stickley, William Morris and Frank Lloyd Wright.
Key elements of a Craftsman Style Kitchen include stained oak, maple and pine cabinets and floors.  By definition you wouldn't see painted cabinets in a Craftsman Kitchen, but with all kitchens being more transitional now days we are seeing white cabinets sometimes.
Countertops are usually granite (honed & polished) or soapstone and you'll see slate used a lot as a backsplash.  Simple porcelain tile or hand made tiles are also popular backsplash choices.
Lines are clean and cabinet styles are simple.  Hardware and fixtures are generally oil rubbed bronze, copper or tawny antiqued brass.
Color is important in a Craftsman Kitchen and are usually earth tones like olive or moss green, brown, rusty orange, brown and deep golds.  Whites are becoming more popular in the modern Craftsman Kitchen mixing with light blues and brighter greens.

Photo: mosaik design & remodeling

Photo: SocketSite

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens


Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

Now these are kitchen I can appreciate. You might have noticed I didn't comment yesterday for country kitchens because, well, those are so out of my wheelhouse I have a hard time appreciating them. None of these kitchens would work in my house either but I do find them to beautiful. I'm a fan of the white kitchen but well-made wood cabinets are a work of art.

I tend to like these a little more when the pallet doesn't go too earthy and I like to see them modernized a touch with a more contemporary countertop, although for my money, you can't beat soapstone in a craftsman kitchen.

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

I think a Soapstone Craftsman Kitchen may just be my next kitchen. I love more contemporary kitchens, but this style is a great compromise between the hubs and I. :)

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