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Holiday Reruns: Before & After: Carrara Marble Kitchen by MGS by Design

Happy Holidays!  
We hope you are enjoying your holiday season.  We are taking some time off of the blog to recuperate after this fantastically busy season.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are always the busiest time of the year for fabricators, but this year was especially busy!  We are so grateful for the business and we hope it continues strong into the new year. 
We will be posting our favorite projects from 2012 until the new year.  We'll be back with new posts on January 2nd.  
We originally posted this beautiful kitchen on January 30th.

Okay you guys, I'm so excited to share this kitchen with you!  You are going to LOVE it.
But first, let's start with the Before pic...
Photo: Deep Thoughts by Cynthia
 Not a bad 'Before' picture right?  It actually looks like a lot of kitchens here in Utah.
While it's not bad at all, I understand the homeowner wanting to brighten it up and make it more her style.  And brighten it up she did!
Check out this amazing kitchen now.  You can't even tell it's the same space!
Photo: Deep Thoughts by Cynthia
Isn't it gorgeous?!?
The homeowner selected Carrara marble and then we did a Honed finish on them. While a Honed finish doesn't prevent etching we strongly recommend it for marble in kitchens because it hides the etching better.
The edge detail is a 1 1/2" Miter, which I think works perfectly in this kitchen.
Photo: Deep Thoughts by Cynthia
Benjamin Blackwelder did the cabinets.  He's one of our favorite cabinet shops to work with, he really knows how to do a white kitchen!

We also did Carrara marble in the windowsill.  This is a great added detail that I prefer over tile, it's just a cleaner look in my opinion.

Photo: Deep Thoughts by Cynthia
The gorgeous glass subway tile is from Dal Tile.  I love the color that she selected!
Photo: Deep Thoughts by Cynthia
I want to give a shout out to BJ here.  He works really hard and rarely gets the credit that he deserves.  He truly cares about his customers and works hard to make them happy.  I've honestly never worked with a better salesperson.  The homeowner wrote a really nice paragraph about him on her blog and I wanted to share it here...
"Countertops: Carrera Marble through MGS Countertops. BJ is the owner and he is great to work with. He made sure I knew all about the pros and cons of Carrera. He even gave me a sample to take home and stain/etch so that I would have no regrets. I “spilled” raspberry jam, lemon juice, oil, and milk onto it to see the effect. He said it will take a year or so to develop a patina. Until then, some of the minor scratches/stains may bug me. I’ve never been fussy about having something look perfectly clean so I doubt I’ll be bothered. In this last week we’ve already made some stains but they just leave a gray cast, which hello, the countertops are already white/gray anyway. There are no white granites (less maintenance than marble) and an engineered quartz stone (Silestone, Caesar stone) was $1,000 more than the Carrera. Gulp."
*Note: BJ is actually the President of MGS, not the owner.  Not a big deal, but I'm sure BJ doesn't want to get stuck with the responsibility of owning our company just yet.  :)
Photo: Deep Thoughts by Cynthia
You can read more about this remodel and see a lot more pictures on the homeowner's blog... deep thoughts by cynthia.  Definitely check out all four posts on the progress of the remodel.  It was interesting to see the transformation and to read why she made the selections that she did.
I say this over and over, but we really do have THE BEST clients!  Thanks Cynthia for letting us be a part of your gorgeous remodel!

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Zella Morrison said...

There are many obvious changes from the previous and from the present. I like more the color of the wall than having it put with the granite. However, I like best when the cupboards are painted white now.

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