Sunday, November 4, 2012

Slab Sunday: Azul Macauba quartzite

Azul Macauba is a stunning and unique quartzite quarried in Brazil.
Overall it is a beautiful sky blue color.  It can have veining of white, cream, turquoise, green and even rust.
The slabs change dramatically in pattern and color from bundle to bundle, so be sure to select your exact slabs.
Juan Montoya Design via Interiors.  Shower is two bookmatched slabs of Azul Macauba quartzite
I've talked about How Granite is Priced here on the blog before.  Blues tend to be more rare than other colors, so generally a blue granite or quartzite is going to be quite expensive. 
This is the case with the Azul Macauba.  It's usually in the highest price category.  It's worth every penny if you have the money to spend though.  There just isn't anything like it!
Photo: Della Maggiore Stone

You may see Azul Macauba labeled as a granite instead of quartzite. Read more about what quartzite is here.

Other names for Azul Macauba include: Azul Boquira, Blue Macauba, Azul Imperial, Azul Macaubas, Azul do Macaubas and Azul Cielo.
Photo: Sosa Granite & Marble

Azul Macauba is available in 2 cm and 3 cm slabs.


Barbara said...

What a gorgeous stone!

Unknown said...

Um, wow! The full slabs in both bathroom images are amazing!

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