Friday, November 30, 2012

FAQ Friday: What is the Difference Between Vein Cut and Cross Cut Travertine?

There are two common ways to cut travertine.  "Vein Cut" and "Cross Cut".  Both are the same stone, they just cut the block differently.
With Vein Cut stone they cut against the bedding so the plane is revealed.  This gives the stone the amazing linear pattern. 
Cross Cut (also called Fleuri Cut) is cut along the bedding plane.  This cut reveals a "flowery", sometimes circular pattern.  Most travertines on the market, especially in tile, are Cross Cut.

Here are some examples of Vein Cut Travertine...
Vein Cut Silver Travertine.  Photo: Counter Culture.
Photo: Alaturca Natural Stones
Photo: Kitchen Clarity
 Below are some pictures of Cross Cut Travertine so you can see the difference.
Photo: Andean Stone Company
Mexican Noce travertine.  Photo: MGS by Design.

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