Monday, October 1, 2012

Silver Travertine Vanity in a Master Bath from MGS by Design

We did a beautiful home this year that was in the Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes this summer.  There was a lot of stone in this house so I'll feature the rooms separately over several days.
Today is the amazing Master Bathroom.
I LOVE the sliding barn door that separates the bath from the Master Bedroom.  (Notice the brick on the right...I'll show you that in a minute.)

Clayton Thompson* was the Interior Designer of this home.  He is a fantastic designer and one of my very favorite people to work with.  He's ridiculously good at finding antique pieces and having them refinished & repurposed into beautiful vanities, end tables, etc.  I could never walk into a second hand store and be able to find the pieces he does.  He has such a great eye.  Every piece I've seen him do has been great, but the furniture piece that he had refinished and used as the vanity & linen closets in this Master Bathroom just blew it all out of the water.
This isn't even particularly my style and I'm in love with it.  The beautiful stained glass doors are what put it over the top for me.

We fabricated the countertop to match the design and bump outs of the furniture piece.  When you see the close up in the photo below it looks kind of weird, but when you look at the piece as a whole you can see why that detail is so important.
The countertop is a cream colored slab of vein cut Silver Travertine that we purchased from our local supplier Adamas Stone
The edge detail is a 3/4" Ogee.

I don't generally post pictures of areas that we weren't a part of, but I just had to share this Master Bedroom with you!  The brick wall about kills me. 
The chairs are facing a window with spectacular views of Eden, UT.

Okay, back to the bath.  :)

And because no detail was spared in this home, the Master Closet was also beautiful!  We put in a small top out of Oak Bamboo quartzite from our local supplier Italia Granite.  This stone will show up in another post in a very unique application.  Stay tuned!
The edge detail on this piece is a 3/4" Ogee.

*Interior Designer, Clayton Thompson, doesn't have a website.  If you are in Utah and looking to hire an amazing designer, email me & I'll get you his info.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this style! I don't typically see this style on your blog, it's fun to see. You guys did a great job.

Jen said...

That barn door is awesome. So is the brick!

MaryLee said...

I love that Silver travertine. It is much creamier than other silver travs I have seen.
That cabinetry is to die for. I wish I lived in UT so I could hire that designer.

K&B by the Sea said...

Wow! You had me at the barn door and the brick wall, but then the vanity really sucked me in! The detail on it is spectacular, and you did an amazing job cutting the travertine to follow the beautiful lines of the vanity. Great job!

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