Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Link Up!

I'm always finding fun articles from around the web that I want to share with you, our readers.  Every Saturday I link up my favorite articles from the week that I think you'll enjoy as well.

I'm known in my family for being a "neat-freak".  My mom thinks I like to clean.  I don't like the act of it at all, I just love the end result so I end up cleaning all the time.
I can totally see myself designing a kitchen around being easy-to-clean.  Houzz posted a great article this week that could help me (and you) do just that... Design an Easy-Clean Kitchen.

4 Crazy Predictions for Kitchens of the Future was a fun article to read on Cultivate.
Photo: Culitvate
Dwell gathered some of their favorite kitchens from over the years into one slideshow, it's a must see.  Dwell's Coolest Kitchens.
Photo: Dwell

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