Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marble, Granite, and Quartz in Retro Kitchens

There are a lot of different definitions of "Retro" kitchens, but I think the first that comes to mind for most of us is a 1950s Diner inspired kitchen.  The checkerboard floors, lots of black and white with red accents, and... What on the countertops? If you're being authentic, then you put in a laminate product, possibly involving sparkles or a boomerang pattern... However, there is a reason that certain building materials have dwindled in popularity, so how can you get the durability and beauty of natural stone or quartz and still stay true to the era you are trying to emulate in your design? Here are a few ideas.

This kitchen features a classic black and white color scheme with a checkerboard floor and pops of color (in this case the accent color is yellow, which I love). The countertops here are polished black granite and fit wonderfully with the retro theme.

Here we see black and white again, but with white marble countertops, and citrus inspired accents.

This kitchen also keeps with the black and white theme but has bright red cabinets and a great school house vibe. The Carrara Marble on the countertops  is a beautiful way to stay clean and classic.

Turquoise is a popular option for all sorts of retro kitchens.  Depending on the shade, from pale aqua to deep teal, it can span multiple decades.  This photo shows a number of retro inspirations including turquoise cabinets and colorful accents with a honed black granite top.
Eclectic Kitchen design by LeAnn Huntington

This photo in a 1920s home shows turquoise cabinets again, but this time it is the uppers, and the color is tied back in with the tile and the cabinet hardware. The 20s inspiration is very evident in the choice of floor tile.

This cheery kitchen uses a lot of color in the form of yellows and oranges with the antique stove as the focal point of the design, so the choice of Carrara Marble on the countertops was perfect.  This stone proves to be versatile, understated, and classic time after time.

Obviously I'm not going to leave you without the most important of all retro color scheme ideas, which is pink. This one kind of takes the cake. I tried to find the source so that I could tell you exactly what the countertop is and give proper credit for this amazing kitchen, but we're just all going to have to agree that the tops are a white quartz product and the wallpaper is kind of mind-blowing.

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