Friday, June 29, 2012

FAQ Friday: What Color of Blanco Sink Should I Use with CaesarStone?

This question comes from Angela in California...
"I have a CaesarStone Sierra countertop. I have decided to replace my Kohler cast iron sink with a Blanco Silgranite sink because the countertop is being replaced due to an installation problem. I am torn between the Cafe Brown color and the Truffle color. I like Truffle but not sure if it's too gray and I have trouble visualizing even though I used the Blanco interactive app. Cabinets are medium oak, walls dark rosy brown and appliances white. Thanks for your advice!"

Thanks for the question Angela and I'm sorry to hear that you have to have your counters replaced, that's always a hassle.
Sierra CaesarStone, this color has been discontinued.  Baja or Champagne Limestone would be the colors I'd recommend looking at if you like the Sierra.
Good choice with the Blanco Silgranit sink, I'm sure you all know I LOVE these!
Really, you've narrowed it down to some great color options.  I don't think you'll go wrong either way.
I personally would recommend the Cafe Brown color.  I think it will pull together your wall color and your countertops and be a nice contrast.
I usually lean toward anything on the grey side, but looking at the picture of your kitchen (below) it looks like you like the warm/ brown tones.  The Cafe Brown will look great!
Photo of Angela's current kitchen with Sierra CaesarStone countertops.
Photo: Surface Fabrication.  Cafe Brown Blanco Silgranit sink.
 Thanks again for the question Angela and best of luck with your re-installation!

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