Friday, June 15, 2012

FAQ Friday: Is There a Black Granite That Looks Like Marble?

Today's question comes from reader, Michele...
"Your blog is great, very informative.  I am looking for a countertop and backsplash (10 inches high) that is not black marble but a product that looks like it.  I’m afraid of having marble due to its challenges and would like a substitute with fewer challenges but a similar look. Plus, I’m a klutz in the kitchen!"

Thanks for the question Michele.  I get asked about alternates to white marble every single day, but this was my first request for an alternate to black marble.

Just like the white marbles, there really isn't a granite that looks just like a black marble.  The beauty of marble is unique and just can't be duplicated in granite or a man-made product.
That being said, I understand not wanting to use marble in your kitchen.  A lot of people want an easy-to-care-for product on their countertops.

Here are some suggestions that I think will give you a similar look and feel to the black marble that you are wanting.

My best suggestion is Virginia Mist aka Jet Mist.  This granite has a soft veining similar to marble.  A lot of people use Virginia Mist when they want the look of Soapstone.  I love this granite color, especially with a honed finish.
Photo: Charles Luck
Black Pearl granite is more uniform, but it's a really pretty stone.  It has a little more character than Absolute Black granite.
Photo: Cowry Kitchen
Cambrian Black with a Satin Finish is more consistent in the pattern and color, but the Satin Finish give it a softer look that a lot of my marble customers like.
The Stone Cobblers
 If you want to go a little lighter in color I'd suggest looking at CaesarStone quartz.  Their Raven color looks a lot like a natural stone and quartz is very low maintenence.
Photo: CaesarStone
Thanks again for the question Michele.  Hopefully I've provided some good options for you.

If you have a stone or design question you'd like to see answered here send me an email.

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