Friday, May 25, 2012

FAQ Friday: Farmhouse Sink in the Bathroom?

This question comes from Anne-
"I follow you on Pinterest and recently saw that you pinned an image of a bathroom vanity that had a farmhouse sink.  Is this a thing?  I've honestly never seen it before, but I think I like it.  I'm going for a modern country house in my remodel and I think it would look cool in my kid's bath.  What do you think?"

Thanks for the question Anne. 
I like the look of it, especially if your style is modern country.  I would assume the functionality of a farmhouse sink would be great.  I love a big sink in the bathroom.  In fact I try to steer people away from tiny sinks whenever I can.
You could wash a small dog or bathe a child in one of these sinks and I think that may be pretty darn handy!
Here are some pictures I found of farmhouse sinks in bathrooms...
Kids Bathroom traditional bathroom
While at CHil Design Group contemporary bathroom

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