Friday, May 11, 2012

FAQ Friday: Does Subway Tile Have to be White?

This question comes from Marie in Ohio...
"I have sort of a weird question.  Does subway tile have to be white?  That's what I usually see if pictures online and in magazines.  I'm loving a gray subway tile that I found in a local showroom though.  I have purchased a remnant of Carrara marble for my bathroom vanity and my cabinets are gray.  My flooring is also the Carrara in large 18"x18" tiles.  I'd like to use the gray subway tile for the wall that my vanity is on and also on the shower walls.  I THINK it'll look good, but I haven't seen pictures of anything like this.  What do you think?  Thanks for your help, your blog has inspired my entire bathroom remodel!"

Thanks for the email Marie.
I absolutely think that grey subway tile will look great!  You don't need to stick with white at all when using these brick shaped tiles.  They come in an array of colors and I think they are a great shape of tile to work with, especially for backsplashes and showers.
Your bathroom sounds like it's going to be beautiful!
You said you hadn't seen any pictures of grey subway tile.  I actually have some!
I hope these help...
Photo: HGTV
Modern Bathroom contemporary bathroom
Photo: HGTV
Modern Master bathroom contemporary bathroom
Urrutia Design contemporary bathroom

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Have a fantastic spring weekend!

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