Friday, April 6, 2012

FAQ Friday: Framed Tile Backsplashes Behind the Range, Awesome or Lame?

This question comes from the very funny Krissi in Austin, TX.  We've been exchanging emails for a few weeks about her kitchen remodel and she never ceases to make me laugh.
"I'm renovating my kitchen right now.  I painted my cabinets white, my wood floors are dark.  I'm probably going to use Calacatta Gold marble on my countertops because you suck.  By suck I mean you are awesome, but only in the way that makes me spend four times more than what was in my budget because you keep putting awesome things on your blog that I immediately HAVE to have.  Including the dang expensive Calacatta Gold marble that makes my heart sing. 
So thanks for that.
My question is, I'm wanting to do something equally amazing on my backsplash, buuut I don't want it to fight with the star of the show....the countertops.  I am thinking I'll do a Calacatta Gold subway tile that I saw on your blog and is costing me a lot of moolah, but I want to do something cool on the backsplash behind my range.  You know.... that large 30" x 36" place that just calls for something great?  
I was thinking I'd use the same tile but have it set in a herringbone pattern to make it stand out.  I'd have it framed with those Ogee Liner or Pencil Liner things.
Here's the big a framed backsplash awesome or lame?  
I think it's awesome, but the hubs is on the fence.  You, Stephanie, are our marriage ref. :)  We'll do whatever you deem awesome."

Wow, I'm feeling the pressure now!
My answer is.....I think it's awesome.
Especially when you are absolutely in love with the countertop stone and want it to be the focal point of the room.
One of my favorite things right now in design is using texture and pattern instead of color to add visual interest.
Here are some examples of "framed" tile behind the range.....
Photo: Dresser Homes
Grand Central Stunning traditional kitchen

Photo: My Home Ideas

2011 HHL Kitchen contemporary kitchen

Photo: Better Homes & Gardens
Thanks for the question Krissi, enjoy your new framed backsplash!  :)

If you have a stone or design question you'd like to see answered here, send me an email.


Krissi said...

Stephanie--You are THE best. I love all the pictures, especially that first kitchen.
Thanks again for all your help!! I couldn't have done this reno without you.

Paradigm Gallery said...

For me I say lame because the kitchens feel too overdecorated. The frame idea is OK. Just alot going on. I would love to see more modern kitchen applications, in which case the point of the original question, to frame or not wouldn't work.
I love the discovery of you and your posts. I look forward to seeing more!
Lynne Paradigm Gallery

Steph@TheGraniteGurus said...

Thanks for the comment Lynne!

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