Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marble & Granite for Your Dog?!

I don't have kids, but I do have two dogs that I treat like children.  They are adorable and they are spoiled. 
Oh look!  Here are my adorable dogs now...  :)

As spoiled as they are, I don't think I will be purchasing a marble dog bowl for them anytime soon!

I spotted this kitchen on Interior Design Hound yesterday....
Photo: Merchandise Mart
Beautiful isn't it?  Well, guess what's in this Dream Kitchen?  A"Dog Bar"!
Photo: Merchandise Mart
The water and food bowls are inset into the same white marble as the kitchen countertops.  Also, notice the faucet above them, you don't even need to move that heavy marble to fill the water!
You have to admit this is pretty cool. 
Maybe my dogs are this spoiled...I'm thinking about my next kitchen.  :)

I found a few other marble & granite dog bowls online.  If you think about it, they are actually kind of practical being that they are heavy.  You don't have to worry about your dog tipping it over! 
These bowls from Snooty Pets (appropriate name) start at $260.00...
Photo: Snooty Pets
Also, I found these...
Photo: The Green Head
And if you are going to go over the top for your dogs in your kitchen, you may as well build this dog bed into your island!
Photo: Accent on Design
Is this all too much?  Or would you happy accommodate your dog with only the best in your kitchen?
I have to say the marble bowls are much more attractive than the ugly plastic ones I have in my laundry room.


Unknown said...

That's amazing! I must share.

Janet said...

I say... Why not?

I am drooling over the marble utensil holder at Williams-Sonoma and after seeing the dog bowls, I think I deserve it! :)

Anonymous said...

First, your dogs are so cute! It's fun to see them.
Second, this kitchen is awesome. I say YES to a faucet for the dog's water! :]

Sue said...

This is so cool. I haven't seen marble dog bowls before. How fun!

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