Monday, March 26, 2012

Guest Post: Boost up your kitchen. Use focal points

Today I get to catch up on a few things and leave you with a guest post.  Enjoy!

Re-designing the kitchen can add colors to the furnishing and style in your home. One way to do this is using expertise of a service provider. Another option is looking at the kitchen with critic’s eye and feel the required changes as if viewing it for the first time. This would allow you to get fresh ideas on how to improve it aesthetically and functionally.
Several modern designs and unique finishing options are available in wood and glazed glass. These could be used as focal points while re-modeling the kitchen area. The sink area, the back-splash and the cabinets can also be used as focal points to build the design of the kitchen.
There are several kinds of wood that one could choose for the cabinets in a kitchen - cherry, maple, exclusive coatings and stains. It is a great idea to begin designing a kitchen based on the cabinets as these are indeed the focus in most viewers’ minds. Old cupboards can take up a lot of space and also give an ancient look in a modern setting.
If there are old cupboards, one can get these replaced with new designs and more compatible cabinets. Another key area is the sink area and the counter-top in a kitchen. One of the most popular and sought after designs is a kitchen with a steel sink and a granite counter-top. This is a very quick way to complete a re-design project in a very short span of time.
Another area that could be a focal point in a kitchenette design would be the back-splash area above the counter-top. This could be a spectacular back-splash using travertine, granite, custom glass or slate. If the wall is well decorated or painted brightly, one could add unique patterned tiles to the back-splash area and give a vibrant and stylish look to the area.
This would not only ease clean-up but it also gives a boost to the visual appeal of the kitchen. Flooring tiles could be positioned in a slant so that it gives a trendy look to the place. 
General tips:
Dangling up pots and pans provide an elegant and space-saving storage. In the same manner, use the interiors of the cabinet doors to dangle stuff and save the clutter outside. Reducing the clutter is a sure way to enhance the impact of the focal point. There are many utensils and other kitchen stuff that are used only occasionally. Such things can be stowed away in an overhead cabinet built to the roof.
Kitchen Contractors:
You can also go for professional assistance in case you are not sure about the design and the interior you want in the kitchen.
Having a few good contractors glance at the kitchen could generate good ideas. They could also give insight on the latest products or designs available. You should keep the tenure as well as the financial aspect in mind while considering such project. The contractor could come up with a plan for speedy completion or for a long term fix as per requirements.
There are myriad ways to improvise on a kitchen design. You could make the most of it by narrowing down the options and keeping the focus down to one or two areas in the complete kitchenette design. 
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